Evening sunset at Santa Cruz, CA



After a long day of trekking at the Natural Bridges State park, we decided to drive to Santa Cruz beach to unwind. Little did we know, the amazing surprise we had waiting for us. When we reached, the evening was still young, the sun was up in the western sky, there were kids playing with their parents and grandparents, models getting their portfolio made, students from the nearby university drinking beer and relaxing; everyone was in a mellow place one way or the other. As we sat down on the sand and looked into the far ocean, slowly we could see the landscape changing, the sky had now taken an orange drape over it, the birds started playing the musician and all of a sudden you feel like you were in some transcendence state, the moment when you forget who you and become a part of that very moment.

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Windows of the world 3


Simply beautiful. The colors just compliment each other so  perfectly. I could not ask for a better picture.



Windows of the world 2


This is the second picture in the series “Windows of the world”. Beauty just keeps on getting better each time. Colorful and vibrant, flowers just made the plain white walls lively. You could just keep looking and appreciating it for hours. 


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Windows of the world 1


I will be posting beautiful windows from around the world. I took these during my recent visit to Wurzburg, Germany. Those were the most beautiful windows I had ever seen. 


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By the fire.



I am sure, many of you share the nostalgia of playing with fire in your childhood. Even though, you are probably scared of it, there was something which pulled us closer to it. Probably it was the warmth, probably the fire dust or probably the wilderness of it. And we have grown up to associate fire with something wild and young. Perhaps that is why it still amazes us and even though it has been there since the early man discovered it, we can never get our eyes off it.

Roti, Kapdaa aur Maakan




Coming from India, this was the first thing to hit me, when I hear the term nostalgia. India no doubt has been seen as the curry house by the entire world. In certain terms, it is true and beautiful. If you visit India, I bet you will never run out of new food to discover. I myself keep on getting surprised every now and then. Even in all this wild diversity in India, there is something which remains quite at the core – Roti. It is the staple food for millions of Indians, something they look forward to have at the end of a hard working day. Such has been the impact, that it also has mentions in bollywood scripts too :P. Quite many stories have been scripted around roti and the hunt for it. It has been the face of food as such and in some sense it is the food for many.  It is the luxurious 1-course menu for the poor, the base food for the rich, fun fast food for the young, nutritious food for the old and no doubt the thing that brings us at the dinning table.


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Wine by the city.


One of the amazing things in the small city of Wurzburg is its vibrant young culture. The city knows how to relax and be there in the moment.  The view from the bridge is amazing. You can see the river pass under which once served as the trade route for the city. You can see the Marienburg fort standing on the hill on one side and the vast vineyards on the other. However they are not the most amazing thing to see there. Any given day you will always find the young and the old standing on the bridge with a glass of white wine hanging between their fingers. This is what breathes life to the bridge. Hats off.

To be in the moment, we grabbed a glass of wine and decided to walk to the top of the fort. And I think it was there best decision that night. The city looked even more beautiful in a pink filter set by the setting sun. Cheers to the city of Wurzburg. Hope to visit you again soon.

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Sunset at Marienberg Fortress



The city of Würzburg. It is a living and thriving example of the human spirit.

The city was almost completely in ruins by the end of great world war II. Families separated, children without their parents, siblings split from each other with no house/home to go back to. People were forced to leave their treasures and ruins to nearby villages struggling to just live another day.

Over the years, the city has sprung back to life. Not just that, it has tried to rebuilt some of its past, even-though the wound marks from the war still remains on some walls and memories. It takes pride in what it could save from the great war. It has revived itself to become a center of knowledge. It is now filled with young and energetic crowd who are the future.

That is what this shot is dedicated to. Sitting at the Marienberg Fortress, looking  at the city, you can feel the heart beat of the city is vibrant and young. And the future is bright.

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